Inspired by various artistic influences, from street art to graffiti, Dadaism to abstract expressionism, his signature is reflected in his fun and symbolic style. His compositions are pictographic, incorporating various techniques interspersed with collage, abrasion, oils, acrylics, pastels and felt pens. Charles Molina gathers and sows stereotyped icons, inscriptions, sketches, cartoon characters and various other representations that call out to us like snapshots designed to stop us in our tracks.  The pace, words, colours and materials in his repertoire are superimposed, create a dialogue or contradict one another. He brings an element of popular iconography to his collage work, hijacking comic book heroes to feature in his own stories that he brings to life in his paintings. 

Molina is inspired by modern-day stigmas, giving rise to a panoply of expressions and sketches that he then recreates on canvas.​