With a passion for art and a drive to create starting at an early age, Jerry’s paintings, installations and sculptures show us an artist whose pieces have the power to provoke a profound response.


Inspired by the colors, architecture and design he has seen in his travels around the globe, Jerry developed a painting technique that allows him to push the boundaries of hard-edge geometric color abstraction and expression, creating layers within layers of details in each of his paintings, using geometric and abstract forms in his work as a reference to his surroundings. He uses acrylics and oils on large canvases and as he works in his wholly unique style.


There are four major series; Modern, Abstract, Solids and Sculptures. They are exuberant in their use of color and form and are electrifying to experience from any angle. Each series is distinctive and expands on the visual language of abstract painting. His studio in Palm Springs is his sanctuary of expression and experimentation; it’s designed to allow to easy transition from sculpting to painting and sketching.

Gerald Patrick is represented by                        , gallery from Los Angeles