L’ARIN is a Belgian cosmetics brand that produces 100% organic, premium hair and body care products. Even though they possess a profound botanical knowledge that has been passed down generation to generation, their brand was established last year in 2019. Starting from today, you can find their products on their 


Now, a year later, they are ready to enter the Belgian market and launch their production to the maximum. They have chosen to announce their official launch with their participation in the Cube Art Fair - Art Beyond Borders. A remarkable choice, but for them it is only normal to combine their love for art, for the extraordinary with their passion for beauty. 


For their botanical formulas, they only use high quality ingredients however, they do need extra seeds to blossom. Next month there will be a first seed round for like-minded investors? Do you feel like being a member of this promising brand? Candidates can apply by sending an e-mail to




Pieter Van Goethem is a Belgian, independent photographer who radiates his passion everywhere he goes. His focus is to create authentic and pure images that portray unique stories. This is where he and the founder of L’ARIN noticed their similar vision during a business coaching in 2019. 


Since then, the two have been working together to create visual content for the brand. The images for this exhibition are a great example of Pieter’s artistic mind, but also a thorough professional approach. They were taken during a campaign shoot for L’ARIN in Portugal where the team worked 10 days non stop for the launch of their official webshop. 


As a result, the images are more than satisfying and the photographer delivered beautifully composed artwork in addition.