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« Brussels has become the European new center for contemporary art »






                                                                        THE NEW YORK TIMES

« Brussels is the new hyped-up art hotspot with majors international programmes that are intelligent and rigorous »




                                                                 THE FINANCIAL TIMES 

« Brussels has cemented its reputation as one of the world’s most exciting art hubs, complete with discerning and committed collectors, and a top-notch gallery network »

                                                                                  ARTNET NEWS 

« In the last five years Belgium has gained a fantastic reputation as an arts hub, with more collectors per capita than any other country in the world »

                                                                     THE HUFFINGTON POST 

From the Flemish masters to the surrealist movement, Belgium has a strong collecting tradition where artists such as Magritte, Paul Delvaux, Wim Delvoye, among many others, have been supported from their early stage.

This favorable environment, combined with an influx of wealthy French collectors seeking a low tax alternative in Belgium, has contributed to the art boom.

The New York Times recently qualified Brussels as “The New Berlin for Art”. Unlike Berlin, where art is made but generally not bought, or Paris, where it’s often the opposite, Brussels is a city of both commerce and creation.

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